Thursday, December 09, 2004

Happy Holidays

Our Christmas decorations are up, the centerpiece for the dinner table reflects the holiday times. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping :) I'm hoping the season will lift up my spirits.

© 2004 Araceli Arroyo photograph


Medicineman said...

Hii :-)

Nice collection of pics.They are sharp clear & with a keen eye on the aesthetic appeal. can ya tell me 1 thing ?
How many Megapixels is the digicam u used ?

celikins said...

Most of the pictures are taken from my Fujifil S3000 digital camera @ 3.2 mega pixels. There are a few from my old Sony cybershot cam at 2.0 MPs. The ones with sony though always have the red date on the side. You'll notice them more in the city travel pictures, in navigation above. The camera is smaller and easier to carry.

Thanks for posting the comment :)

A*royal*chick said...

I must say that decor, looks quite familiar =)
but the pic makes it look marvelous darling!