Monday, April 04, 2005

Maxwell Street Market

As promised here are my favorite pictures that came from the photoblogger's outing at Maxwell Street Market last month. It is one huge garage sale of EVERYTHING, yes even the kitchen sink. Check out the few oddities found below - I laughed when I saw a bloody Chucky doll. I didn't dare ask the price, the way it was displayed was more like a scarecrow scaring everyone away, except the evil kid smiling in front it. heheh!
© 2005 Araceli Arroyo Photographs | Chicago


Milan said...

Celi, when you have the time, let me know how you put these pictures side by side. Me and another photoblogger friend, Wendi - "Cinderella Mom" in my list - are dying to know! :))) I'm just too dumb to find out on my own!

Milan said...

By the way, another set of good pictures, very colourful.

exbenzine said...

Nice work. Exactly what a photo blog is all about. I like your church photo in particular.

celikins said...

Thanks for the comment exbenzine. Nice site of your as well. The picture of the boy with the egg reminds me of Icelan. Where are you from?


I hardcode the HTML. I deal with web design and management so it's
not that hard for me. If you are familiar with html all I do is
publish each picture using hello and get the image tag for each
picture and lay it out in a table. something like this

table tag...row tag...cell tag...
picture1 URL
close cell tag

cell tag
picture2 URL
close cell tag

cell tag
picture3 URL
close cell tag...close row tag...close table tag

Wendi said...

Great blog Celi!

I will definately be back :)


celikins said...

Thanks Wendi, I'll be sure to stop by yours and post comments as well.

Milan said...

Celi, thanks for the explanation. I'l try that soon :)

bingo and betty said...

Excellent series 'C', you could do a whole series on that doll!

Wendi said...

LOL, I did not even realize that was the "chuckie" doll. I will have to show my oldest daughter that photo. She is scared to death of chuckie. She refuses to keep any kind of doll in her room at night, she is afraid they will turn into chuckie. I used to find all her ceramic dolls/stuffed animals outside her door when I would go to bed. I have since removed them all from her room, no need to terrorize the poor girl LOL