Thursday, May 19, 2005

Chicago Tribune Vending Box

The Chicago Tribune newspaper vending box can be found pretty much within every half a mile around the city. I suppose this is why it's the top selling local newspaper in Chicago.

© 2005 Araceli Arroyo Photograph | Chicago


Milan said...

How evocative. We have nothing like that here. Can't people just steal those newspapers? Or just take them out without putting a coin? I've no idea how it works! :)))

celikins said...

Well, people must put in the coins for the door to open. Once you open the vending machine you are able to take more than one paper. But why bother?

I don't like paying for news so the only time I do get the newspaper is on sunday when all the sale circular ads are bundled within. Even then I will look online before seeking out the paper.