Friday, October 21, 2005

Petting Zoo

Forgive me all you animal activist, I just couldn't help giving into a local petting zoo at a nearby park this past Sunday. My nephew was so excited and happy to be in the midst of so many cute furry creatures. I couldn't help it either they were just so darn cute! I was particularly fond of the Lama and her beautiful big brown eyes :)

© 2005 Araceli Arroyo Photographs


K Murphy J said...

Hi Celi...What great shots. Your nephew is a cutey! ;) Fun, happy auntie days are the BEST!

Michele's Mumblings said...

Thanks for the Goatphotos! I love how cute and rambunctious goats are!

Are they a little Baaaad?


Milan said...

Very moody and colourful pictures Celi. Your nephew looks cuter in every picture as well. I love photographing my nephews as well when they are around.