Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Old Chicago Water Tower

I finally ventured out this weekend on a photography outing. I intended to catch this year's air and water show by the lake front. Unfortunately, I missed the theatrical stunt show, however I decided to enjoy the great weather and take a stroll through Michigan Avenue. I came to a stop and enjoyed a short sit-down in the plaza area of the Old Chicago Water Tower. A Chicago Landmark, this miniature castle like building survived the Great Chicago Fire and is a major tourist attraction.

© 2005 Araceli Arroyo Photograph


K Murphy J said...

Celi, these are so great. Looks like your inspiration came right back. Love the history behind the shots too. :)

K Murphy J said...

And the little girls near the fountains are just too cute. So caring about their 'babies' - oops, that is until they toss them down on their faces to play in the water. lol!

celikins said...

Thanks K! I had fun again taking pictures and the kids are always a great source of innocence and rememberance of good times. I loved their little doll backpacks. They were just adorable.