Friday, August 12, 2005

Photo Slump

I've been in such a photoslump lately. I've been coming home extremely late from work everyday and haven't been in the mood to take any pictures. I actually can't even think of what to take pictures of. Today I forced myself to just snap at something. My fence is the best I could come up with :( I will come up with better pics this weekend, I promise!

© 2005 Araceli Arroyo Photographs


K Murphy J said...

Hi Celi!
I totally commiserate... I've been photoslumpy for a while. I know I'll refresh once other things in life have died down to a degree of normalcy. In the meantime, take heart... You do great justice to a plain fence - photoslump or not. ;)

celikins said...

Thanks K, I can always count on you for your kind words. Always grateful :)


Ligaya said...

The Fence looks nice to me.. it looks like a nice shot..
great job

carl said...

wow..this looks like a good shot...makes an inspiration for my next home backyard works catalog that we will be releasing next year!!!!

good job...!!!