Sunday, January 01, 2006

Araceli's 2005 Photo Review

After seeing the MSNBC 2005 picture collection, posted below, I was inspired to assemble a collection of my favorite pictures taken in 2005. There was so many pictures to go through and choose from. Some I hadn't even posted on this blog. It was fun going through all of them though, it made me happy to realize that I had made many memories and had good things around me in all of 2005. There were many important events and nice travel vacations and outings.

If you have time view my top 100 at my Flickr account -
Araceli Arroyo's 2005 Favorite Photographs
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K Murphy J said...

Hi Celi! Happy, happy New Year!!! These are such wonderful pictures. I am glad you thought to do a 'year in review!'

celikins said...

Thanks KM, glad to see you back visiting again!

bingo and betty said...

Amazing shots C, thanks for sharing them