Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Forest In The Winter

This past weekend Charlie and I went hiking through a forest trail. My dog and I both loved it and enjoyed the scenic views. The snow really does add beauty to even a cloudy day, such as the day that this was. We even came across a lonely snowman to add to the fun.

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NoWords said...

I really like your shots!
I have started a photoblog today and I'd really appreciate if you can drop by and give me your opinion!

Chris said...

I like this winter image!

Milan said...

Wonderful... I wish we had snow in my country as well - we don't, unless it's a very high place up north :))

celikins said...

Thanks no words, good luck in your new endevour into photoblogging!

Thanks Chris & Milan!

Sometimes I like snow sometimes I don't. It's wonderful to look at, especially when it's just falling or hasn't been converted into a mess with dirty car slush! I love walking through it, like I did here, but hate driving in it, because everyone else doesn't know how :)